Motor Trade Plate Insurance

Motor Trade Plate Insurance

Motor Tradeplate Insurance

Policies may be issued to Motor Trade (Traders) on a named driver or Trade Certificate Basis (applicable to all vehicles). Any vehicle used for hire (another Private Hire) is to be specifically insured under commercial vehicles.

The usage of a Trade Certificate is as under:

  1. For the test, by or on behalf of the holder of a trade certificate during the course or after completion or repair; or
  2. For proceeding to or returning from a weighbridge for or after weighment or two and from any place for its registration; or
  3. For a reasonable trial or demonstration by or for the benefit of a prospective purchaser and for preceding to or returning from the place where such person intends to keep it; or
  4. For proceeding to returning from the premises of the dealer or of the purchaser or of any other dealer for the purpose of delivery: or
  5. For proceeding to or returning from a workshop with the objective of fitting a body to the vehicle or painting or for repairs; or
  6. For proceeding to and returning from the airport, railway station, the wharf for or after being transported; or
  7. For proceeding to or returning from an exhibition of motor vehicles or any place at which the vehicle is to be or has been offered for sale.

The policies can be issued in the name of the dealer mentioning the TRADE CERTIFICATE issued by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA).

Premium is being calculated on the sum insured of the vehicle to be used and the number of certificates.

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