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LINK-K is having enough number of manpower who are well experienced in the Insurance Industry both in Life and General Insurance sectors. If you talk to any one of these officials they will be in a position to understand first, your requirements on specific risk.

On understanding your requirements we can select the proper Insurance Company which could provide you a policy as per your requirement and at a competitive rate.

Be it is, either Motor Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Engineering Insurance or any other Miscellaneous Insurance, the LINK-K is having expert underwriters for each and every portfolio.


In case of any eventuality which results in any claim to be preferred, you need to make just a phone call or mail to LINK-K. Anyone of our technical officer will talk to you collect the details and inform the particular Insurance Company about the eventuality by mail and arrange for deputing a suitable surveyor immediately.

The LINK-K official along with the Insurance Company official and the Surveyor immediately visit your factory site and advice you first about the Loss Minimization and the entire team will be at your disposal in analyzing the loss and also advice you what are all the documents that you have to submit to the Surveyor / Insurance Company, through us.

The LINK-K, as well as the Surveyor, will record it in the form of mail. On getting all the required documents we will immediately initiate discussion with the Surveyor as well as Insurance Company in making the assessment of loss. LINK will share all the information and discussions the Surveyor is leading with the Insurer so that if there is anything to be added by you which will help the Surveyor in quantifying the loss will be taken into account. The final report will be prepared only after a detailed discussion in the company of LINK, Insurance Company Official, Insured and the Surveyor.

According to the quantum of claim, we see the financial limits of DO / RO / HO and accordingly, LINK will follow up even upto HO Chairman Level for getting an early settlement the claim.


Either at the time of proposal itself or immediate after accepting the proposal and issuance of Policy, we used to arrange for conducting RISK INSPECTION by the concerned Insurance Company RISK INSPECTION ENGINEERS.

They will study the risk fully and give their opinion in the form of a report which will contain any improvement to be made by you in the safety sections so that if their advice is followed, it will prevent the occurrence of Accident / Loss.


LINK–K has got a team of staffs who used to follow up all renewals, meticulously, not only sending the renewal notice in time, they will call you over the phone and remind in advance regularly and see that the renewals are being done with LINK prior to the date of expiry.

At the time of renewal if you need any changes to be made in the policy in Terms of additions/ deletions / alterations either in the Sum Insured or in the Location, LINK-K official will visit on you and discuss the same with you prior to renewal itself.

  • LINK-K is preparing on monthly basis and send the same to all important clients by courier. The bulletin used to contain, the status of Insurance industry in India and also other countries.
  • It will contain any new circular from IRDA which will be beneficial for the Industrialists.
  • We used to give you some of the case histories which will be of more useful to you.
  • Further we also give our write up about some of the major claims which LINK-K has handled and settled.

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